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FMC is an agricultural sciences company that advances farming through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. From our industry leading discovery pipeline, to unique application systems, to modern biological products, we are passionate about bringing new solutions to growers around the world.

Househam Sprayers is the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of industry leading self-propelled agricultural crop sprayers. Designed, innovated and manufactured in the UK, our range of self-propelled machines use ground-breaking technology to deliver a specification not often found on other machines available in the crop spraying market. Made in Lincolnshire, Househam Sprayers are proud of offer a diverse range to fulfil all individual spraying requirements around the world.

LG is the strategic global brand of Limagrain Field Seeds. Serving farmers with premium seeds for 50+ years, present across 6 continents and all major crops.

The fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers and an international seed group.

Farmers are at the heart of everything we do. Created and owned by farmers, we exist to supply the best genetics so farmers can be as profitable as possible.

Limagrain UK has dedicated breeding programmes in Lincolnshire and Suffolk, developing new barley, wheat, oilseed, pulse and fodder varieties. We market maize, sugar beet, agricultural and amenity grasses, gamecover and environmental crops. 

OMEX have been working with farmers, across the globe, to help sustainably grow crops and feed the population for over 46 years. From liquid nitrogen through to speciality liquid fertilisers, OMEX work with farmers to boost crop nutrition, quality and yield. OMEX offer national coverage and local service with local Liquid Fertiliser Experts located throughout the UK, helping farmers work towards Net Zero and reducing agricultural emissions. Thinking of going liquid? Grow With OMEX

PFC Agri Solutions offer a wide range of specialist products for the Arable, livestock, equine and forestry sectors since 2002

Awemak cultivation equipment sourced direct from factory to farm for the best products at the most competitive products.

Harvest Tec precision moisture sensors and variable rate control to manually operated applicators for balers and forage equipment with Baler’s preservative 

Tarpaulins for storage of hay and straw bales with an average life span of 5 years providing reliable storage solutions. 

Elkaer saws for front loaders and excavators designed to cut up to 10-inch material.

Premium Crops is the UK’s largest provider of added value and specialist arable crops.

Our end use customers are willing to pay a premium to acquire products that meet their specific quality and supply requirements. Premium Crops source the crop species and varieties to meet those requirements, provide seed to our contract growers and buy-back the produce to supply those added value markets. As a result, all Premium Crops contracts offer premiums over the conventional, have a complete agronomy advice service and professional logistics support for storage and transportation.

For more information visit www.premiumcrops.com.

QLF Agronomy is a division of Quality Liquid Feeds, the world’s number 1 liquid feed company, which has spent over 35 years developing liquid supplements for livestock and feeding rumen microbes. QLF Agronomy has now brought this technology into the arable sector by designing a range of liquid carbon based fertilisers to feed the soil microbes to improve the health and productivity of your soils.

Develop over 12 years using independent trials QLF Agronomy’s L-CBF (Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers) are a combination of complex carbon sources with balanced crop nutrients. They feed the soil biology and enhance plant nutrient availability to help improve plant performance, root growth, yields, health and crop quality.

Natural Plant Protection (NPP), a business unit of UPL and part of UPL’s OpenAg Network offers growers a comprehensive portfolio of biosolutions with naturally derived agricultural inputs. Covering crop resilience; protection against pests, disease, and environmental challenges; improving nutrition; and supporting soil health, NPP’s biosolutions improve farms’ productivity and profitability without compromising the environment. Supported by nine manufacturing sites, six R&D laboratories and seven experimental stations across the globe, NPP is reimagining sustainability using micro-power to create macro impact to empower climate-positive agriculture. Please visit www.npp-ag.com / www.upl-ltd.com/

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