Agronomist of the Year

Sponsored by

(Left to right) Lucy Porter, Ben Burrows, Mark Herriman (Sencrop)

Ben Burrows

Crop Management Partners

Focusing on providing many incremental improvements with a proactive approach, Ben takes a holistic approach with the farms he works with, while also looking to the future to give customers the best possible advice. 

Cereal Grower the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, David Bell, Will Pillinger (Secobra Research)

David Bell

JC Bell

Integrated pest management is at the heart of everything David Bell does across his varied rotation, with cover crops and green manures worked into the system alongside careful variety choice leading to YEN-recognised yields.

Contractor of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Victor-Ian Otradovec (PFC Agri Solutions), Martin Hays, Lucy Porter

Martin Hays

Martin Hays Contracting

Offering a full range of operations to over 100 customers of varying sizes, Martin Hays has focused on careful investment in technology to provide the very best service, regardless of scale. 

Farm Manager of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Richard Cross, Nick Snowden (Househam Sprayers)

Richard Cross

Oxton Estate

Overseeing a varied set of businesses as part of the Oxton Estate, Richard has worked closely with the trustees and the staff to streamline operations, leading to improved profitability across all the commercial interests. 

Fruit Grower of the Year
(l-r) Lucy Porter, Matt Tilt (collecting on behalf of Oli Pascall), and Alistair Driver (MA Agriculture)

Oli Pascall

Clock House Farm

Producing a substantial amount of the UK’s strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, Clock House Farm supplies major supermarkets and local farm shops and has invested heavily in propagation while paying close attention to water and energy management. 

Grassland Manager of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Kirstie Baird and Andrew Baird, Neil Hayne (OMEX)

Andrew & Kirstie Baird

JP Baird

Carefully monitoring inputs and yield, the family run Auchnotroch Farm runs an autumn calved herd of Norwegian Red/Black & White crosses, with high dry matter levels, and excellent litres per hectare brought about by an attention to detail. 

Grower of the Year
(l-r) Lucy Porter, Richard Anthony, Lyn Anthony, and Dan Smith (Managing Director, MA Agriculture)

R and L Anthony

Built from a 45 hectare tenant farm, R and L Anthony Ltd is now a substantial arable business, growing wheat, oilseed rape, maize and barley, as well as grassland for 800 ewes. Richard and Lyn have strived to meet environmental targets, while also ensuring that yields remain high, with no-till practises, companion cropping and investment in technology.  

Lifetime Achievement Award

Martin Haworth

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Martin Haworth, Meurig Raymond (Raymond Bros)
Oilseed Grower of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Richard Anthony, Lyn Anthony, Nigel Padbury (Premium Crops)

Richard & Lyn Anthony

R and L Anthony

Tackling pest issues with companion cropping, as well as organic manures and a long rotation with the right varieties, R and L Anthony has been able to maintain impressive OSR yields. 

Potato Grower of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, David Armstrong, Ed Burks (FMC Agro UK)

David Armstrong

David Armstrong Farms

David uses cover crops ahead of potato crops to minimise erosion and was an early adopter of drop irrigation which improves travelling conditions. Careful investment of new technologies, alongside close inspection of potential potato fields has ensured impressive results. 

Protein Crop Grower of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Richard Lawrence (collecting on behalf of David Wroth), and Kurtis Scarboro (Limagrain UK)

David Wroth

Bell Farm Docking

Widening the rotation with peas, David Wroth has shown excellent crop husbandry, increasing yields by around 15% and taking an active role in trialling new treatments, while also paying attention to varieties to maximise the return. 

Sustainable Farming Award

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Peter Mee, David Maxwell (QLF Agronomy), and Zoe Mee

Peter Mee

Mee Farmers

A varied agricultural and horticultural family business, Mee Farmers has funnelled investment into renewable energy, as well as utilising organic manures and regenerative farming practises and taking an active role in educating the next generation. 

Vegetable Grower of the Year
(l-r) Lucy Porter, Jason Smith, Andrew Lazenby (BASIS)

Jason Smith

Home Farm Nacton

Soil health is the starting point for Home Farm Nacton, which produces a range of organic and conventionally grown vegetables. The business has also invested heavily in robotics and water management to improve yields in the face of labour shortages and a changing climate. 

Young Agronomist of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Todd Jex, Stuart Jackson (UPL)

Todd Jex


As part of Agrii, Todd is responsible for nearly 10,000 hectares, looking at methodologies to de-risk farming through integrated crop management while also actively contributing to the development of new technologies and chemical solutions. 

Young Farmer of the Year

Sponsored by

(l-r) Lucy Porter, Kate Armstrong (collecting on behalf of Hayley Graham), and Jason Hayward-Jones (Cefetra)

Hayley Graham

David Armstrong Farms

Joining David Armstrong Farms in 2018 with no prior experience, Hayley’s enthusiasm for agriculture has seen her pass various qualifications and work her way up through the business, as well as establish her own sheep enterprise.